Application international

The only requirement for applying to our school, is that you have college.
You don’t have to send any papers, just bring them with you when we call you to an interview.
January School starts 3.january

Application Filadelfia Bibelschool

The requirement for the Bible School is Studentvisa issued by UDI ( has to be approved when starting the school year)and completed high school The School fee for two semesters is kr. 16.000,- (must be paid before you get the letter of acceptance issued by Filadelfia Bible school) and a Mission trip between kr. 7.000,- and 14.000,- Application for international class, starting January 2019, opens 15 .of September. When you have applied, please respect that we contact you. If you haven`t heard from us in three weeks, you can send an email to We cannot take into account that your visa may expire in the near future. Please respect this. Applicants already living in Norway will be prioritized before overseas applicants.
  • Personal data (first and second name)

  • Next of kin

  • Backgroud

  • School, education, jobs, millitary service

  • For exampel diploma/testemonials
  • Eks. Attest eller vitnemål
  • Supplementary information